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How To Make Perfume Last Longer On Skin

Perfumes are expensive, may be personal, you don’t just stick to spraying perfume on your body—spritz it all over your clothes, but it’s also the stuff of culture and learning how to apply them properly means that you get to enjoy them longer, too. Apply perfume after an unscented body oil or lotion. Cosmopolitan says oily skin […]

Health Risks: Sleep Problems

Do you usually go got bed holding your phone or tablet and  fall asleep while using it? what you need to know is that this habit can cause sleep problems. Using your gadgets all the time can lead to hyper-vigilance you feel tense,  overly alert, and always on guard. Hyper-vigilance can lead t difficulty in […]

How to get the perfect manicure at home: 8 Steps to DIY

Getting nail services are a fantastic way of spending quality time for yourself. If you’re not keen on going back to your favorite nail salon yet, give yourself a manicure at home. 8 steps to give rourself a Manicure Step 1 Remove existing nail polish with polish remover. Wash off residue and natural oils with […]

Say Goodbye to These Five Beauty Trends

Like fashion, beauty trends also come and go, and as we reach the middle of the year, we’ll give you the rundown of beauty trends that say sayonara for 2021. Jade Rollers Due to the global pandemic’s lockdown, there has been a rise in home treatments and DIY skincare. Beauty devices such as jade rollers […]

Top 5 Hot Fashion Trends of 2021

After 2020 put the fashion world on a pause, 2021 is looking to be the year for new, daring trends in fashion. Whether you’re looking for business wear for your return to the office or the latest styles for your night out, these 5 red-hot fashion trends are sure to turn heads and get you […]

The Top Lightweight Foundations For Zoom Meetings

Just because it’s still the pandemic, doesn’t mean wearing heavy makeup at home can’t be such a chore, especially when it’s humid, while working from home, laptop cameras can be unflattering and unforgiving.     To look awake and glowing for your next video call, here are the top six lightweight foundations for Zoom meeting. These […]

Hair Care Personalized for You | Function of Beauty Review

We’ve all been there: you walk through the hair care aisle expecting to find the right shampoo among countless options-but, somehow, none of them is the right fit. The hair care innovators at Function of Beauty changed all of that with a one-of-a-kind online custom hair care selection. And now, that selection is coming to […]

Health Risk: Ear Problems

You think listening to loud music from mobiles phones or laptops through your headphones is great. On the contrary, doing this for hours everyday can be very harmful. It increases your risk of hearing loss and may even permanently damage the cells of your inner ears, leaving you deaf. Remember that listening to any sound […]

Avoid these Bad Hair Habits expert says

Our hair is subjected to a lot of wear and tear and as most salons are operating on a limited capacity and not many are willing to risk the close quarters, our hair is at our mercy at home. With most of us doing DIY cuts, coloring, and treatments, some are going overboard with no […]

Health Risk: Obesity

Eating too much and gaining too much weight(obesity) are becoming too common among young people nowadays. This is because your generation is spending too much time sitting and using your hand-held devices instead of being physically active. Being sedentary comes with a hefty price to your health: The more time you spend sitting, the heavier […]