Health Risk: Ear Problems

You think listening to loud music from mobiles phones or laptops through your headphones is great. On the contrary, doing this for hours everyday can be very harmful. It increases your risk of hearing loss and may even permanently damage the cells of your inner ears, leaving you deaf.

Remember that listening to any sound at high volumes (more than 89 decibels) for more that five hours a week can, over time, lead to permanent hearing damage.

Preventive Tips

    • Follow the “60:60” rule: Listen to music at less than 60% of the maximum volume and for less than 60 minutes a day.
    • Use the smart volume feature to keep volume at safe levels. The smart volume function regulates and stabilizes the volume level against drastic changes.
    • If you can afford it, invest in noise-cancelling headphones to you won’t need to increase the volume when other sounds are competing with your music.
    • Use small, portable speakers instead of earphones.