Health Risk: Obesity

Eating too much and gaining too much weight(obesity) are becoming too common among young people nowadays. This is because your generation is spending too much time sitting and using your hand-held devices instead of being physically active. Being sedentary comes with a hefty price to your health: The more time you spend sitting, the heavier and sicklier you can become.

Preventive tips

  • Limit your gadget use and TV viewing to two hours a day. It may seem too much to ask, but it’s really doable, healthier and more fun!
  • Get up and get moving. Find more physical things to do at home, like help your parents with house chores, make your bed, bake, and cook. Or step outside to go biking, play basketball, or play badminton with your friends and neighbors. In school, try to participate in more physical activities to get enough exercise.
  • Instead of just texting or messaging, visit relatives and friends and have more face-to-face interaction with them.
  • Keep food away when using your device.
  • Stay away from the internet sites or TV shows that project images of food and drinks. Looking at such images can give you food craving s and push you to eat more.