Health Risks: Sleep Problems

Do you usually go got bed holding your phone or tablet and  fall asleep while using it? what you need to know is that this habit can cause sleep problems. Using your gadgets all the time can lead to hyper-vigilance you feel tense,  overly alert, and always on guard. Hyper-vigilance can lead t difficulty in falling asleep or make you sleep lighter and more restless.

The bright screen of your smartphones, tablets and laptops put out of blue light which surprises melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Keep in mind that you need restful sleep every night in order for your body to function properly. By keeping your phones and tablets away,  the less stimulated your brain is and the better your slumber becomes.


Tips to prevent sleep problems

  • Avoid looking at bright screens two to three hours before bed time.
  • Turn off your gadgets an hour or more before bedtime to calm down your brain.
  • Place your tablet and phone far away fro your bed at night. or leave then outside your bedroom.
  • If you wake up in the middle of  your sleep. Resist checking your devices.
  • Use an eye mask to help your brain produce melatonin and improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Use blue/green light filter apps like twilight of flu to filter blue lights and dim your screen.
  • Avoid all lights including night lights. They all emit normal white light, which includes the blue light that makes it harder for you to sleep.(White lights is light such as sunlight that contains all the colors of the visible spectrum, with blue as the one of highest energy.)
  • Use dim red lights as night light as it suppress melatonin the least.