Say Goodbye to These Five Beauty Trends

Like fashion, beauty trends also come and go, and as we reach the middle of the year, we’ll give you the rundown of beauty trends that say sayonara for 2021.

Jade Rollers

Due to the global pandemic’s lockdown, there has been a rise in home treatments and DIY skincare. Beauty devices such as jade rollers have become popular, not to mention, it is super accessible since it’s available online for a super low price.

Dubbed as an anti-aging tool, these are used for facial massages that help boost blood circulation, release toxins, and tone facial muscles.

Unfortunately, we won’t see many jade rollers and gua sha being recommended by beauty experts. More and more women are now converting to skinmalism–a new wave of trend that celebrates natural beauty even its imperfection such as texture, discoloration, pores, and blemishes.

Instead of beauty tools, experts predict the popularity of facial yoga. It is a facial exercise that works by strengthening a specific muscle group around the face to keep the skin tight and firm.

Moreover, this is also less invasive than either type of procedure, such as face fillers and botox, plus you can achieve youthful-looking skin without breaking your bank.


If you are active on social media, I guess you are familiar with the beauty trend called “shelfie.”

With over millions of entries on Instagram, #shelfie features an entire shelf dedicated to skincare products, showcasing holy grails products from various serums, face oils, moisturizers, and more.

However, expect that this will take a step back for 2021 and give way to prescriptive skincare, specifically tailor-made to address a specific skin condition.

Face Contouring

Makeup contouring dominated the beauty industry since it became popular in 2018, thanks to the Kardashians, who are notorious for sculpting and highlighting their facial features.

This makeup technique uses shading processes to define the features by bringing out dimension to the face using bronzer or a contour powder with a shade darker than the skin tone.

Interestingly, 2021 is about celebrating individuality and natural beauty; hence, this beauty trend would be fiddling this year.

Blunt Bangs

For the 2021 hairstyle, we are saying goodbye to blunt bangs and saying hello to its low maintenance counterpart known as the fluttery fringe.

Unlike the bold, blunt bangs, fluttery fringe resembles wispy bangs but leans to the boho-inspired look, featuring soft curtain fringe.

Instagram Brows

Another makeup trend that is about to retire this year is the overly shaped eyebrows.

Known as the HD brows, this technique has been widely recognized in social media that channels dramatized faded brows, which is lighter in the front and gets thicker as it goes along onto the brows’ end.